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​Your Healing Power of Food Summit Free Gifts
As a Thank You for participating in the Healing Power of Food Summit, I’ve created 3 free gifts just for you…

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Free Gift #1

Video: So Many Diet Choices… What Will Work For Me?

You have probably been on this healthy-eating journey for years and have done a lot of research already. And that has left you even more confused on what to do – trying to figure out what diet is good for you and what diets don’t work. And what to do when you have tried everything and your symptoms are still there.

In this video, Dr. Murray gives his thoughts about many of the most common “healthy” diets, like Paleo, Keto, Blood type, Vegetarian/Vegan, Zone, Mediterranean, Okinawa, New Nordic, and Synergetic.

This video will help you choose which diet is best for you.

Free Gift #2

Free Chapter from Dr. Murray's Book: The Magic Of Food

New research reveals how food interacts with our genes.

Each of us has unique biochemical traits that determine who we are and how we interact with the world around us. These traits play a big role in determining how healthy we are and what ailments we are likely to experience.

However, we CAN use food to influence the expression of our genes to promote health. In fact, a healthful diet is one of the reasons we often act and feel younger than our numerical age would indicate.

You will discover exactly how to use the Synergetic Diet to live longer and healthier, and lose weight.

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Free Gift #4 - BONUS GIFT

Bonus Interview With CEO, Scott Sensenbrenner!

Enjoy the Foods You Love Without the Discomfort!I    

In this interview, you will discover:

  • How your body is missing key enzymes preventing you from obtaining an optimal digestive performance.
  • How foods you love are causing some of the discomforts you hate and maybe the result of food intolerance you don't even know you have
  • A proven way to improve your energy levels by simply following the path that nature provides with enzymes.
  • How to improve your digestive efficiency, soothe common digestive stresses, improve your regularity,  and reduce gas and bloating - all in 14 days!

Free Gift #3

Digest Gold $5 Coupon from Enzymedica

Digest Gold contains fast-acting enzymes to help break down the components of your meal like fats, fibers, proteins and carbohydrates.

This alleviates gas, bloating and indigestion. These uncomfortable symptoms are often the result of inefficient digestion.

It also uses Thera-blend™ enzymes which contain blends which cover the entire pH range of the human body. Thera-blend™ enzymes have been shown to be 3X stronger and work more than 6X faster than competing formulas.

Digest Gold also contains ATPro™, a blend of ingredients shown to support ATP production, a molecule which transports energy within the body.

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  • Enzymedica 25% Off Coupon
  • Enzyme Answer to Healthy Digestion eBook
  • Inside Health eBooK

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